Rapid Rooting Powder Water Soluble Fertilizer



product description

Classification: compound fertilizer;

Application: irrigation;

State: powder;

Characteristics: plant root growth;

Applicable environment: courtyard, terrace, garden, etc.;

Use: rooting;

Plant nutrition type: sustained release ABT;

Function: rapid growth of roots, seedling germination assistance;

Efficient and fast-growing root germination assists the rooting of succulent seeds to rapidly increase survival rate



The body composition is 90% naphthaleneacetic acid powder, while naphthalene acetic acid acts as a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator.

Suitable for cutting seedlings, seed soaking and transplanting of large trees. Promote early healing of the incision, cutting quickly rooting, germination, and increase survival rate.

Big tree transplant, damaged hair roots rebound. Planting seeds to effectively increase the germination rate.


Use a small amount of alcohol or liquor to dissolve the root extract + 5 grams of alcohol (1 gram), dilute with water, concentrate with the seedlings, cut the old nun, whether the buds are dormant usually use the following method:

1, rapid rinsing (take root seedlings): 1 gram 0.2 1 kg water, 2-3 cm dip slashing cutting base 5 to 15 seconds can handle 3000 seedlings.

2, slow dipping method (suitable for hard rooting seedlings): 1 g of water 5-10 kg, soaking the cutting base for 3 to 10 hours.

3, using the root method (suitable for seedling transplanting): 1 gram of water 5-10 kg, add a small amount of clay, made of rare mud, can be in 500-1000 seedlings.

4, root water method (suitable for large tree transplanting): 1 gram of water 20 kg, filling and root diameter in the chest height of 5 cm, can be poured 40-50 diameter in the chest height 10 cm, you can pour 10-20.

5, seed soak: 1 g 40-50 kg water, soak seeds for 10 to 24 hours, can increase the germination rate.

Package Included:

1PC fast rooting powder


Reminder: The actual product is only 7-10g, please refer to the actual weight received

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